AWS re:Invent 2021 Recap

AWS, one of Assimil8's partners, held its annual customer conference, re:Invent, this week in Las Vegas. It has been 15 years since AWS first launched their cloud services, so a big anniversary for them. AWS now has 81 Availability Zones, 250+ services, 475 instance...

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Data Mesh: 6 Myths and Misconceptions

6 Myths and Misconceptions According to Gartner’s recent research1, IT budgets are on the rise as companies have a vested interest in technologies aimed at composability. Mastering the risk of accelerating change and addressing new business opportunities and...

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5 Upgrade Tips

Wrap Up That Holiday Upgrade Motio’s Upgrade Factory is the Santa’s workshop of Cognos Upgrades. Whether your holiday wish is to outsource all or a portion of your upgrade, Motio will help you “sleigh” it. Raise your glass of eggnog to our Five Upgrade Methodology...

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Why can’t analytics be as easy as Google

Get answers in secondsThoughSpot is a business intelligence and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics data easily.Singh, Co Founder of ThoughSpot describes the platform as “a massive number-crunching...

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