“We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights”


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About two-thirds (68%) of data available to enterprises goes unleveraged, a survey of 1,500 global business leaders shows, according to Seagate Technology. When 300 business leaders were surveyed it was discovered that 89 percent of those who failed to meet their revenue goals blamed the CFO for investing insufficient sums in data and analytics. Ignoring this data is costly for businesses as it results in missed revenue opportunities, avoidance of costs, how it will perform in the future and make business decisions accordingly.

Further research also shows that, over the next three years and beyond, 71 percent of global enterprises predict their investments in analytics will accelerate. By gaining an in-depth understanding of business analytics it can allow you to make better decisions in the workplace.

Data analytics is the future of everything because it is everywhere. Every organisation can use data to analyse and predict almost everything they need to meet the goals they have in mind. With platforms such as ThoughtSpot we can make it possible for anyone to use search and AI to find hidden insights in your company data.  ThoughtSpot lets anyone ask any questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds meaning you are not only surrounded by data, but you are full of insights too. Not only does ThoughtSpot respond to questions in seconds, with ThoughtSpot, businesses can quickly monitor, identify problem areas and scale their corporate IT structure to help employees in need of support. When unprecedented events happen, bringing data, analytics and human experience together will help make fast and impactful decisions.


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