ThoughtSpot for Retail Analytics

Now everyone can make faster decisions and improve the shopping experience.

Whether you’re in e-commerce, merchandising, finance or store operations, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can simply search to analyse billions of rows of data from any source – from online sales to social media conversations inventory sales, and even in-store sensors – in seconds. 


Improve planning and optimise every store inch with instant access to sales and warehouse inventory levels across thousands of SKUs.

Marketing & Brand

Get instant answers about product, customer, and sales data to deliver personalised experiences across every channel.

Store Operations

Maximize efficiency with instant access to store staffing data and hourly order volumes to improve employee productivity.

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Whether you’re in Marketing, Sales, Operations or Merchandising, everyone can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot – learn how!


See why customers are 3 times more likely to be satisfied with speed of information delivery and ease of use with search-driven analytics.

Search-Driven Analytics Takes Center Stage With Retail Logistics

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Why Assimil8?

Assimil8 are proud to be recognised as ThoughtSpot’s FIRST partner and UK re-seller. We’ve been delivering award-winning, tailored analytics solutions for the past two decades and know what it takes to create real insight from data. The best solution might not exist for you yet, but we’ll work with you to deliver it.