ThoughtSpot for Manufacturing 

Now everyone can make faster decisions and deliver great products.

Whether you’re in product design, facilities management, distribution or human resources, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot. Below are a few use cases by role.

Channel Sales

Analyse sales forecasts and growth revenue by channel to optimize distribution and improve throughput.

Supply Chain

Optimise the delivery process and save money with direct access to inventory levels, logistics data and financial performance.

Product Development

Monitor and control with instant answers on product quality and project completion times to understand which issues are causing delays.

Why ThoughtSpot?


What if you could instantly spot bottlenecks in the business?

With ThoughtSpot, anyone can search to analyse billions of rows of data from any source – from distributor sales, to delivery estimates, inventory levels, even machine data – in seconds .

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Why Assimil8?

Assimil8 are proud to be recognised as ThoughtSpot’s FIRST partner and UK re-seller. We’ve been delivering award-winning, tailored analytics solutions for the past two decades and know what it takes to create real insight from data. The best solution might not exist for you yet, but we’ll work with you to deliver it. 

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