ThoughtSpot for Financial Services

Now everyone can make faster decisions to get ahead.


Whether you’re in retail banking, insurance, trading or wealth management, you can get instant answers with ThoughtSpot. Use data insights to understand what products sell to what customers via the right channels. With increased customer demands and regulatory compliance, ThoughtSpot will help you stay competitive and innovative, allowing you to offer your customers new and improved products and services. 


Mortgage Broker

Increase revenue and upsell opportunities with instant access to the status of customer loans, product type and overall portfolio mix across channels on a daily basis.

Bank Manager

Get instant answers about transactions, deposits and loan data across each client to identify key customer insights and provide personalized customer experience.

Store Operations

Deliver results with immediate access to dozens of sources on securities data to determine accurate price estimates for every trade.

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Learn how ThoughtSpot allows direct access to data and insights; helps to optimise processes, keeping our clients happy!

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Learn how ThoughtSpot gives credit card services instant visibility into transaction data

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Learn how ThoughtSpot helps traders make big profits with instant access to pricing data

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