The Board of Director’s of Theia Software Inc. would like to announce the appointment of co-founder and Board member Kevin Hurd to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. In his role as CEO, Kevin will be responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the Company, continuing on its mission to deliver Insight@Scale for Theia’s customers.

Kevin is an accomplished technology veteran and entrepreneur with a passion for data, analytics and AI, most recently holding the role of Managing Director at Assimil8 LTD in the United Kingdom, a business intelligence and analytics solutions provider which he co-founded in 2006.

“The opportunity to play a more hands-on role in Theia’s continued growth and acceleration was something I felt I couldn’t pass up.” said Kevin, “Today’s data-driven organisations are using a portfolio of analytics tools to create valuable insight and drive better business outcomes for themselves… but they have been waiting years for a solution like Theia to come along and bring all of that insight into a single, intuitive environment for their users, allowing them to easily engage with all the information they need to be create better business outcomes. I look forward to leading the Theia team to ensure we maximise the opportunity in front of us and continue to deliver increasing value and insight to our customers and partners every single day..”

The Board would also like to announce the departure of Mitch Robinson as CEO, effective immediately and thank him for his leadership in the early stages of Theia’s success. Mitch will continue to be involved with Theia Software Inc. both as a Board member and investor.


About Theia

Theia is an Insight Hub. Information from many sources is required to provide insight to make effective decisions. Theia brings sources together – BI platforms, analytics and data visualisations – into one experience, so that better, data-driven decisions can be made.

Theia’s Embedded Insight Hub provides insight at scale, please visit https://www.heytheia.com/

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