Rapid Q&A analytics that provides instant charts and answers to all your questions as well answering some predictive questions you haven’t thought of asking yet!


Provides a secure and stable environment for everything to work seamlessly


Amazon Redshift

A structured database that enables all your data sources to be analysed at the same time

Digital Hive

Allows you to provide a personalised experience and curated reports for individuals, teams and clients

Digital Hive

The Intelligent Analytics Portal. 

Digital Hive is the first intelligent enterprise analytics portal that connects and consumes all your business intelligence, analytics and content managament systems. It recomends and personalises content, providing everyone with access to the information when they need it. It’s as simple as logging in and being greeted with intelligence.


Instant Insights

ThoughtSpot allows you to get business answers from your cloud data with the power of search. It allows you to explore, analyse and share real-time business analytics data easily in an interactive experience. ThoughtSpot’s machine learning capabilities creates an amazing user experience with interactive charts that let you drill down into interesting insights.


Cloud Computing Services

AWS is moving from data to insight to action with a new culture of analytics, delivered in the cloud. AWS is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today, meaning your data is secure and backed up – so no need to worry about data loss.

Amazon RedShift

Data Warehouse

Amazon Redshift is a product of the larger cloud computing AWS. RedShift uses SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses. It allows iSpot to have unlimited integrations and data sources when it comes to choosing what platforms you would like to integrate.


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