A single point of access to all your data


Starburst Enterprise, based on open source Trino (formerly PrestoSQL) is the fastest SQL-based MPP query engine. We give your team a common query tool, abstracted from the systems that store your data, that gives them the ability to run analytics on data where it lives. No data movement or copies required


Lightning fast MPP query performance across all your data, no matter where it lives.


Working in your environment today & tomorrow. We remove the need to move or copy your data.


Bolstered by the robust Trino open source community, we help companies gain freedom from data lock-in.


“In our experience, the general marketplace of customers with complex data systems are looking for new ways to connect and leverage multiple data sources, and are looking to knit together traditional data warehouses with data lakes to provide additional insights. Starburst’s coupling of the lightning fast query engine Trino with the ability to query without copying or storing data is going to be a compelling solution for our current and future client base.”

Dave Nicoli

Head of R&D at Assimil8

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