Make the Most of Your Customer Data

Customer 360

You are able to collect more customer data than ever before. The key to using this data, and by extension improving your customer’s experience – is by understanding them as individuals, not as vague averages and demographic groupings.

That’s where solutions such as Customer 360 by iSpot come in. With Customer 360, you are able to get your questions answered fast, from creating buyer personas, to tracking campaign outcomes, to tracking how your customers’ behaviour has changed over time.


Audience Creation

Analysing your customer demographics to uncover your target audience can take up valuable time, but iSpot for Retail makes this easy. 


Whether you’re wanting to sort customers by age, gender, or location, you are now able to search for that data and get results in a matter of seconds. All it takes is signing up, uploading the bulk of your data, and typing in a search.


Personalise Customer Experience

When understanding your customers as individuals, you’ll also see that each customer reacts best to different shopping experiences. 


Customer 360 allows you to drill down into your customer data, giving insights into your customers’ behaviour so you can spend more time giving them the best experience possible.


Track Campaign Outcomes

Once you know who you are marketing to, you’re able to make quicker marketing decisions with better evidence behind them. But what happens afterwards? How can you make sure that your decisions had the impact you wanted? 


Customer 360 is able to display changes in customer behaviour over time in just a few clicks, so you can see increases in new customers, or the number of returning customers depending on the focus of your marketing campaign. 


Knowing what brought customers to your retail business means you can maintain a focus on those factors, meaning a greater chance of getting better results every time and growing your business!

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