What is iSpot?

iSpot is a flexible and cost-effective way of bringing Search & AI-driven analytics to your organisation. Now anyone can find insights hidden in their company data in seconds. Use search to analyse your data and get automated insights when you need them.

Why everyone loves iSpot?

  • Using the power of AI, SpotIQ automatically uncovers personalised insights and delivers them to you in seconds.
  • Set up a personal environment to suit your working style.
  • Create a better user experience through a branded and self-service experience.


  • Anyone can ask questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds.
  • Stop waiting for custom reports from data experts and instantly answer ad-hoc data questions on the fly.

Select the right package

There are three tiers of iSpot packages on offer. Each comes with a variety of benefits, support credits, and a variation of user and data limits.

If you’d like to discuss any of the listed packages, please contact info@assimil8.com. 



“Assimil8 showed us a demo of the analytics platform ThoughtSpot and I was immediately blown away. It seemed like a completely unique search and AI-driven tool that we could apply in countless different ways.”

Darren Williams
Head of MI & Data, Clarity

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