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Learn how iSpot, a revolutionary Search and AI driven Analytics platform, can transform how users in business use their data to achieve more!

iSpot for Marketing

Search & AI driven analytics for Marketing


iSpot for Retail

Search and AI driven analytics for Retail

iSpot for Banking

Search and AI driven analytics for Banking

Join our journey as we share 60 second clips in the build up to our Marketing B2C webinar


Upcoming Webinars

iSpot for Marketing

Wednesday 18th May / 2pm GMT

Learn how your ad clicks are trending, where your ad impressions are geographically placed, quantify campaign performance by CPA/CTR/CPC, and improve optimisation by visualising the customer journey map. Get AI-driven insights from ad impressions.


iSpot for Retail

Thursday 7th july / 2pm gmt

Find out how you can optimize your online and in-store sales via analysing sales performance through product type and region, sales performance over a given time period, comparing sales of multiple product types, and drilling down to determine sales by SKU.  Get AI-driven filter suggestions re sales over time.

iSpot for Banking

Thursday 13th Oct / 2pm GMT

Get instant answers about customers saving and spending habits, identify target audiences for marketing campaigns, and drill down from national to customer level instantly. Find out how AI-driven technology can provide a comparative credit card spending analysis.

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