How to choose a Data Warehouse

Enterprises around the world use cloud data warehouses as the basis for business intelligence and other data-driven initiatives. Having a data warehouse in the cloud eliminates the cost of maintaining internal hardware and infrastructure, and improves performance and cost-effectiveness thanks to the natural scalability of the cloud. The best cloud data warehouses include Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Snowflake.

Data types

The first step in recognising your data warehouse needs is to understand what “type” of data you will store in it. For a warehouse, there are two main “types” of data: structured and unstructured.


Massive parallel processing (MPP) systems power the major cloud data warehouse services, allowing scaling up when compute demands are high and down to reduce costs when demands are lower.


Security is a top priority for most, if not all, companies that are looking to store and analyze their data.  Amazon Redshift uses AWS’s Identity and Access Management (IAM). 

Selecting a Cloud Data Warehouse

Choosing the right cloud data warehouse for your company can be difficult because there are so many factors that can influence a system’s success. Despite this, an organisation can examine the important factors and choose the warehouse that best suits its needs by evaluating predicted use cases and workflows.

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