Data Culture Matters (Part 2)

4. Data Champions and Culture Catalysts If your efforts to create a rich data culture are going to be successful – identifying, recruiting, and partnering with enthusiastic data champions within the organization is an absolute must. C-Suite mission statements and...

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Starting your AI Roadmap

You've been asked to invest in AI so that your organisation can improve. Guest blogger and strategic partner, Katie Gibbs, Head of Consulting, Heron AI, explains how to get the journey started in this article published in Network Computing's Spring Edition. AI has...

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Data Culture Matters (Part 1)

Spencer Sobczak, from strategic partner Theia, shares his views on the importance of culture and mindset during your analytics journey. Gartner currently covers over 250 analytics vendors in their research. By the time you are done reading this article, I wouldn’t be...

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Is the BI promise turning into a BIg problem?

Many organisations are finding themselves in the tricky position of needing to curb the explosion of self-serve BI technology within their business without stifling their teams’ productivity or denying them freedom of choice. We look at some of the developments...

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Data and retail: how to stay ahead of the competition

Cutthroat competition, the continuing rise of eCommerce and cost-side pressures stemming from a weak pound all point to continued challenging times ahead for retailers. When it comes to staying ahead of the curve, the data that exists within your organisation is the...

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