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AWS, one of Assimil8’s partners, held its annual customer conference, re:Invent, this week in Las Vegas. It has been 15 years since AWS first launched their cloud services, so a big anniversary for them. AWS now has 81 Availability Zones, 250+ services, 475 instance types to support virtually any workload. And it has an always-evolving library of solutions designed for highly specific use cases. Here at Assimil8 we have been integrating AWS for 5+ years and will continue to be doing so into the future.

 Adam Selipsky, brought his energy in his first opening keynote as new CEO of AWS. According to Selipsky, AWS is focused on building machine learning and AI capabilities directly into other AWS services “to make them better and to make it easier for customers to accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish,” he told Fast Company. During his keynote,  he shared how AWS has helped innovate in financial services, automotive, and other industries, Selipsky welcomed executives from NASDAQ, DISH, United Airlines, and 3M Company.

One element Selipsky stressed, which can be unexpected to many, is that we’re still in the early days of the cloud. Amazon CEO Andy Jassey predicted back in April that much less than 5% of all IT spend takes place at the cloud. In different words, there may be still a incredible possibility to optimize and enhance IT infrastructure.  Major shifts around how people use technology and data in the cloud are only just beginning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Selipsky outlined several challenges to widening cloud adoption. Two standouts were:

Migrating data to the cloud quickly and compliantly is difficult, and IT leaders are asking:                                                                                   

  • How do you move all the right data?
  • How do you speed migration?
  • How do you understand which data is important?
  • “Can we move that data?”

AWS has insights into their own data, but not that of others. They need a platform to connect and learn.

Compliance in the Cloud (GDPR,CCPA) is still in in its infancy and tough to navigate, with people wondering:

  • How do you manage policies in the cloud?
  • How do you provide access and connect the right people to the right data?

AWS has created a way to manage policies and access, but this is only for data lake formation. What about other data sources?

New Announcements from AWS re:Invent 2021


  •  SageMaker Canvas is now in GA. Canvas is designed to help business users generate ML predictions using a visual, no-code interface. This allows people like business analysts who may have little or no ML experience to get in and get valuable insights out of data.
  • AWS announced Amazon SageMaker Serverless Inference. This lets you easily deploy machine learning models for inference without the need to configure or manage underlying infrastructure.
  • A new AWS Mainframe Modernization service that empowers organizations to migrate, modernize, and run mainframe workloads seamlessly on AWS. The solution has already proven to cut mainframe migration time by 67%.                                                                         
  • Amazon announced Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS. This new capability for DevOps Guru makes it easier for developers to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues in Aurora, and it’s available in all Regions where DevOps Guru is available.                                                         
  • Amazon announced it’s next-generation of ARM-based Graivton3 processors, boasting 25% better performance and 60% less power usage. These chips will power the new Amazon EC2 C7g Instances, which are now in preview and are ideal for compute-intensive workloads, like high-performance computing, scientific modelling, and CPU-based machine learning inferencing.


Other keynote’s

Doug Yeum/ Sandy Carter/ Stephen Orban 

Join us for the Global Partner Summit keynote, presented by Doug Yeum, Head of AWS Partner Organization, Sandy Carter, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs, and Stephen Orban, General Manager of AWS Marketplace and Control Services. You’ll learn about cloud-powered innovation and the opportunity it creates for AWS Partners, as well as how AWS Partners use the AWS Cloud to build innovative solutions and services, differentiate their businesses, and enable customers in virtually every industry to transform their businesses.

Swami Sivasubramanian – Vice President, Amazon Machine Learning at AWS

Join Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Amazon Machine Learning, on an exploration of what it takes to put data in action with an end to end data strategy including the latest news on databases, analytics, and machine learning.

Dr. Werner Vogels Amazon.com CTO at AWS

Join Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com, as he goes behind the scenes to show how Amazon is solving today’s hardest technology problems. Based on his experience working with some of the largest and most successful applications in the world, Dr. Vogels shares his insights on building truly resilient architectures and what that means for the future of software development.

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