Bolder marketing campaigns that avoid playing it safe are taking off right now. But how can you make sure that the risks you’re taking are paying off? You need to be able to drill down into your data to make sure that the work you’re putting in is performing as it should – so you can decide your next steps and keep growing.

Understanding Spend + Return

With any luck, you get back at least what you put into your marketing campaigns. But understanding data at both ends is an important part of making sure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns, and ensuring that future projects can be even more cost effective and pull in more customers.

Campaign 360 from iSpot allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your spending and returns – freeing up more time for planning your next campaign.

Track Metrics

Keeping track of all the key metrics for a campaign can feel like a juggling act, with CPAs, CTRs and CPCs all needing your attention, but having all that data in one spreadsheet can make it difficult to get the info you need, fast. 

With Campaign 360 by iSpot, however, you can have millions of rows of data analysed in just a few clicks, presented in a way that suits you.


Your Data, in One Place

Every campaign, regardless of success, creates an enormous amount of data to be processed. Trying to do this manually continuously inches closer to being an impossible task, as now hundreds of platforms exist to do advertising and marketing to and from. 

Campaign 360 by iSpot is able to pull data from over 500 marketing apps, including both Google and Facebook ads. Having all of that data easily accessible through one platform makes comparing successes and necessary improvements easy, as you’re able to see data from all your apps side-by-side and see where you’re performing best.

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