Agency Analytics

When trying to keep up with your agency’s progress, it can feel like there are too many metrics, and they all feel too important for any to fall to the wayside. You want to be able to see your progress in a variety of different channels, from SEO to PPC, to your social media accounts and email marketing. 

Additionally, being able to track all your metrics in one place to measure how you are performing means you know where to focus your efforts to improve outcomes and celebrate your successes.

That’s where Agency Analytics from iSpot comes in. You’ll be able to see how your advertising, social media, campaigns and teams are performing, all in one place.

Ad Performance

If you have a wide range of PPC content on different platforms, it’s important to know both what is performing best and where. This can help with planning next steps, or to take a step back and look at why an ad isn’t attracting as many customers as you had hoped.

Our AI powered search and analytics means you’re able to get your questions answered, fast. You’ll be able to see how ads from over 500 apps are performing side-by-side, quickly giving you the comparisons needed to start planning ahead. 

Social Media

‘Brand Personas’ are what’s hot in social media marketing, and the image presented on Twitter for a B2C business targeting students is going to be worlds away from a B2B business selling Cybersecurity software. 

How can you be sure the content you create for your clients is having the impact it needs? 

By drilling down into the data you already have, you can make sure that your content is performing at its best and is speaking to the right audience.

Targets, Stats and Beyond

As mentioned previously, there are so many metrics to keep track of that it can feel like you’re being pulled in multiple directions, so being able to see all the data you require in one place can make tracking your successes easier than ever. 

With Agency Analytics from iSpot, you can track and compare KPIs, NPS and Reviews across multiple sites from our all-in-one platform, keeping you up to date with exactly how both you and your team are performing.

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