2 simple ways to centralize analytics with an Enterprise Portal

Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you’re uncomfortable using the ‘C’ word…centralization. Most organizations are still working with data silos that aren’t even close to being centralized, and that’s before we ask whether centralization has even made it to your data strategy. Dealing with information that’s dispersed across a plethora of systems still seems to be the norm. But, as levels of data and information grow it’s becoming increasingly difficult for teams to answer even simple questions quickly and consistently.

In today’s constantly changing digital landscape you need to modernize to remain competitive. However, when you not only have to adapt to a multitude of backend systems but also the new hybrid multi-generational workforce, where do you even begin?

As the ‘C’ word suggests, centralization is all about bringing everything together into one central location where you’ll be able to find anything quickly and easily. By introducing an Intelligent Enterprise Portal you’ll not only give your organization a consolidated view of all critical information but you’ll also be able to operate with greater efficiency and interconnect your systems with external data sources. 

Here are three reasons why moving towards centralization with an enterprise portal might just be what you need.

Man cannot live by data alone

Data and insights can be your biggest asset when used effectively but if your users can’t access all the information they need, when they need it, what’s the point in having it?

Think about the last time you were stuck in traffic. What did you do? Did you take out your smart phone and check the ETA, double check the traffic alerts or just get angry? You should’ve just given yourself the right information, at the right time, which would have led to a more effective outcome.

The good news is, there’s a solution that means you don’t need to write-off and replace your data systems to get the required results out of them.  A new class of software – the ‘Intelligent Enterprise Portal’ – is available and lets you repackage and centralize your existing tools and data to drive more value from them than ever before. These sit on top of and provide a consistent interface to multiple existing business applications. They unlock access to reports from legacy tools, enabling users to spend less time searching for data and more time understanding the insights it contains.

So, if your business can’t perform at its best when it should be business as usual, start to think about how centralizing data assets can provide greater value through better visibility.

Cookie Cutter solutions just don’t cut it

We all know that one size DOES NOT fit all, however the pandemic and the subsequent rise of the hybrid workplace has highlighted this even further. There needs to be a fundamental change in the way users can interact with analytics and data. Accessing analytics from multiple systems needs to be as quick and simple as using your favourite apps, such as Netflix or Spotify.

Generation X, Y and Z have all been brought up on technology that’s fast, personalized, requires little or no help to set-up and gives them what they want EXACTLY when they need it. User expectations in the workplace are no different to our personal lives, but can the technology live up to these exacting expectations and deliver data and information to users when (or even before) they need it?

The modern enterprise portal adapts to each user with machine-learning based on a user’s behavior and preferences. And with a variety of customization features, users can create their own pages and dashboards with ease – with access to exactly what they need to do their job effectively.

Organizations are under pressure to modernize, and centralization is a key component to help keep up with these multi-generational demands. By adding an Intelligent Enterprise portal to your roadmap you can re-package your existing portfolio of old and new analytics and BI systems, and create an experience across them all that’s fast, discoverable, personal, smart and data driven whilst still retaining back-end control – there’s no downside surely?

If the success of your business depends on taking action on insights, then using an enterprise portal will allow you to centralize the tools you need in order to act on that data. This means that you can move sooner rather than later with speed and quality decisions.

When everyone in the organization is working with the same data and insights, your company will be well-placed to deliver enhanced user experiences. With centralized data, it’s easier to get every department in-sync to deliver the same messages and experiences consistently, businesses can perform better, drive revenue and boost customer satisfaction.


Removing obstacles to centralization with Digital Hive

Ultimately, if you can centralize your data you will be well-positioned to make better business decisions. When data is decentralized and disorganized, it becomes an obstacle rather than an asset. Intelligent Enterprise portals are the new wave in enterprise technology and enable you to push powerful insights to teams through AI based on roles, department, or user preferences.

 Regardless of what is driving you to centralization Digital Hive can offer an intelligent solution that is fit for any user or use case.  Intelligent portals should be at the heart of any modern business because they’ll help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

To find out more about Digital Hive’s Intelligent Enterprise Portal and how we can help you start your centralization journey with ease, get in touch.

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