Search-Driven Analytics from ThoughtSpot

Introducing the world’s first relational search engine for data analytics.

Think about all the data that resides within your organisation; from your BI platform and CRM system, right through to social media and everywhere else - both on-premise and on the cloud.

Now imagine if analysing that data was as easy as searching on Google. Can data analytics really be that simple? We think it should be. And thanks to ThoughtSpot, it is.

Assimil8 is proud to be partnered with this market leader in next generation relational search. Here’s what is means for your business…

  Analytics through search

No more reliance on complicated dashboards. Enter your question in the search box and get answers in milliseconds from terabytes of your data.

  No ordinary search box

For every question you ask, ThoughtSpot calculates one answer through precise, on-the-fly calculations across your entire data estate. Fast. Accurate. Easy.

  Lightning fast, cross-source analysis

A shared metadata model makes it easy to connect to multiple data sources. Data is indexed in-memory so you can drill anywhere without hierarchies or predefined drill paths.

  Direct access to data based on ‘real life’ questions

If you’ve ever used Google Search (and who hasn’t!), you can use ThoughtSpot. Your people can put it to work to build reports and get the answers they need instantly.

  A fast and guided search experience

ThoughtSpot learns to understand your people and what they need. Get dynamic suggestions for search based on history, role and company data model.

  Everyone on the same page…

Get your people looking at the same set of shared metrics. Enable them to search across your entire data estate with ease.

  Data professionals: focus on what’s really important

No more building custom drill paths to optimise performance (with the ThoughtSpot search engine, there’s no need for it). Slash your reporting backlog and free up more time for data strategy.

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Assimil8 and ThoughtSpot are pleased to announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next Generation relational search with a new approach to data access and analytics.

LONDON - Assimil8, one of the UK's leading data analytics specialists and ThoughSpot, the software company focused on search-driven analytics, today announced a new strategic partnership.

Both companies recognise the problems faced by many organisations: data increasing in both volume and complexity and the need for solutions that fit the profile of a wide range of users. Such challenges are better met where there is smarter collaboration between vendors across the analytics sphere. Thanks to this tie-up of expertise across business-owned analytics and cutting edge relational search, businesses look set to benefit from smarter, ‘joined-up’ analytics.

ThoughtSpot is the world’s first relational search engine for data analytics. Allowing anyone to build reports and dashboards from company data in seconds, it brings an instantly familiar, user-friendly element to data analysis. IBM Premier Business Partner, Assimil8 delivers tailored analytics solutions to UK businesses across a wide range of sectors.

Kevin Hurd, Managing Director at Assimil8 commented “As we enter a new era of information centric computing, companies must co-innovate to solve tough problems for their customers. This is why we are working with ThoughtSpot, a market leader in relational search. This new offering represents our belief that the future of information insight within enterprises requires a new way to gain instant access to critical business data through relational guided search, as both data volumes increase and real-time intelligent-response becomes a necessity of doing business.”

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with Assimil8. By combining Assimil8's expertise in leveraging big data and analytics with our vision of guided relational search. We believe together we can support our customers through their entire analytics journey” said Mark Mason, Director, EMEA Channels & Alliances at ThoughtSpot.

ThoughtSpot and Assimil8 are working together to establish a dedicated data analytics platform that will take you from spreadsheet reporting to real-time business insight.

Learn more about ThoughtSpot at ThoughtSpot.com or get in touch with our experts today.