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Enabling More Accurate & Reliable IBM Cognos BI Implementations

With a whole suite of products from Motio that enable regression testing, stress testing, version control, simplified restoration of files and more, you can dramatically increase development efficiency in your Business Analytics department, with very little overhead.


Cognos Version Control, Automated Testing & Release Management

MotioCI™ integrates with Cognos through each stage of the business intelligence life cycle- from the initial development process to testing, to deployment and on-going maintenance. MotioCI provides higher performance, quality and manageability of Cognos through its unique blend of capabilities in version control, release management and automated testing.

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Version Control

  • Version all Cognos Object Types, Anywhere in the Content Store
  • Version Framework Manager Models, Transformer Models, etc
  • Version All Properties
  • Recover Deleted Content
  • Studio Integration & Exclusive Locking
  • Integration with Defect Tracking Systems

Automated Testing

  • Regression Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Continuous Verification

Release Management

  • Deploy Versioned Content
  • Full Featured Content Labeling
  • Scheduled Deployments
  • Promotion to Multiple Cognos Environments
  • Impact Analysis of Staged Content Deployments
  • Automated Promotion Upon Validation
  • "Undo" Promotion Button

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The Cognos Ninja's Weapon of Choice...

MotioPI is a free community driven tool which enables Cognos administrators, report authors and power users to perform everyday tasks that are traditionally tedious and time consuming. Examples include:

  • Querying for all Cognos content which matches specified criteria
  • Documenting all of your users' security settings
  • Validating reports after changes have been made to a model
  • Recovering lost/deleted Framework Models
  • Documenting schedule recipients

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Customise Cognos

Enabling customers large and small to extend, customise or embed IBM Cognos into portals, customer and vendor facing websites, and just about any application a company can envision.

Developed and sold by Motio since 2004, MotioADF allows companies to create and rapidly deploy highly tailored IBM Cognos BI solutions faster and more reliably than when using the raw IBM Cognos SDK. What development organisation wouldn't prefer to author and maintain just 5 lines of Java code utilising the MotioADF vs. over 100 lines of Java code using the raw IBM Cognos SDK?

The MotioADF provides such powerful productivity gains because of a well engineered "stack" that in-house and third party developers will truly enjoy using.

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Cognos Security Authentication

IBM Cognos supports the implementation of Java based custom authentication providers. Custom authentication providers enable IBM Cognos to utilize customer specific sources for authentication and authorization. For example, security credentials may be stored in a proprietary database or in an external security system which is not supported by IBM Cognos out-of-the-box.

Motio has implemented custom authentication providers for a large number of IBM Cognos customers around the world. Having solved this problem numerous times in a wide variety of environments, Motio created a packaged solution which enables our experts to rapidly adapt IBM Cognos environments to custom security infrastructures in a very secure and performant manner.

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Motio ReportCard

Cognos Report Analytics

ReportCard identifies unnecessary and duplicated reports that cause potential performance issues. Reduction of report count and improvement of report performance results in time savings.

About ReportCard:

  • ReportCard is a solution that gathers analytics about your BI Implementation.
  • Identify inefficiencies hindering overall performance
  • Determine the overall state of your BI environment
  • Measure BI outputs against company standards
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ReportCard benefits:

  • Pro-active method of identifying issues before they become serious problems during critical periods.
  • Remove space-wasting content in Cognos by determining its quality and value to the BI environment.
  • Reduce time & budget costs by eliminating redundancies.
  • Collaborative user community expands rules and contributes the latest testing needs for the BI space.
  • A cloud-based application means a safe and secure SaaS offering that allows analysis on day one

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Persona IQ™

Safe and Seamless Security Transition for Cognos

Do you need to transition your Cognos environment from one authentication source to another? Did you realize that this can wreak havoc with your existing Cognos content and configuration? Migrating Cognos between authentication sources can result in orphaned or lost My Folders content, schedules which no longer run,email deliveries which no longer occur, misconfigured security policies,and many other problems.

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