IBM Cognos & SoftLayer Plugins

Making a great tool, greater.

On top of the solid IBM platform, we actively develop and maintain a number of plugins that set our BI solutions apart from the rest. We also use fantastic third party plugins made by our partners to really help you achieve more.

Theia™ by Motio®

Harmonise your BI Experience

Let's face it, IBM Cognos Connection needs face lift. Theia modernises the Business Intelligence experience with a compelling content navigation system, and predefined dashboards and graphs that deliver data in a cool way. Within a day, you will have an engaging portal connected to your existing analytics, authored reports, Excel, etc.

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Spec Studio™

IBM Cognos Report documentation made super-easy.

Assimil8 Spec Studio™ extends the world leading enterprise BI solution from IBM Cognos by seamlessly documenting Report Studio development to an ISO & SOX compliant level.

Spec Studio™ is a standalone application for creating IBM Cognos Report Studio documentation. It provides a description editor for quickly editing the descriptions of business, functional and technical requirements, and can export the XML schema information and descriptions to a PDF format.

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Motio ® Software for Cognos

Have you ever felt the dread after accidentally deleting a whole folder of business-critical Cognos reports with no backup, or find yourself asking the question 'which file is the latest version' far too often?

With a whole suite of products from Motio that enable regression testing, stress testing, version control, simplified restoration of files and more, you can dramatically increase development efficiency in your Business Analytics department, with very little overhead.

As a Motio partner, Assimil8 has had the privilege of using Motio's extensive IBM Cognos tool portfolio for many years. MotioCI™'s version control in essence captures the Who, What, When and Why changes that are made in Cognos, while MotioPI™ helps you get a handle on your Cognos Content Store and manage user permissions with an intuitive interface. Motio also offer an advanced application development framework to abstract some of the complexities of the Cognos SDK, making custom interface development a more rewarding process.

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ESRI Maps For IBM Cognos

See What You're Missing

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos boosts your business intelligence (BI) to new levels. Easily integrate smart maps to your BI applications for more complete and actionable reports. By visualizing your intelligence data and applying location analytics, you add value to your decision-making process. Give your organization what it needs to gain unprecedented business insight.

Bridge the gap between metric and location with Esri Maps for IBM Cognos. Now you can enhance your reports with customized, interactive, intelligent maps. Easily take advantage of location analytics and geoenriched data to solve problems. Share your results intuitively using web maps for your dashboard. There's a lot you can do when you start with location.

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