Financial Performance Management

Transform your planning cycle, grow your business.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Analysis

IBM Cognos® TM1® transforms your entire planning cycle.

Shift the focus from the planning process itself to the output, and gain valuable, profitable insights.
Target setting, budgeting, reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting become more accurate, easier to administer and more up to date.
Perform driver-based budgeting and planning, "what-if" scenario modeling and multidimensional profitability analysis.

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The solution is highly web and mobile-enabled. Colleagues can work together no matter where they are based, and TM1 can be run from either your own site (or cross-site) or via IBM’s cloud offering.

  • Plan and forecast from even very large data sets.
  • Scorecards and strategy management built in.
  • Even complex models are rapidly deployed and easily maintained.
  • Fully mobile, via technologies such as iPad, all browsers etc.
  • Cloud-based option brings other benefits.
  • Ultra fast calculation engine.
  • Massive data capabilites.

Check out this infographic about the benefits of using IBM Cognos TM1 for forecasting.

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Financial Management and Control

Financial Consolidation: Complete. Accurate. Auditable.

From collecting data to preparation and distribution of management and regulatory reporting, Cognos automates the whole process.

IBM Cognos Controller is a comprehensive financial consolidation tool. It supports your business throughout the close, consolidate and report process with a full software suite. It is designed to enable finance users to accelerate the process, freeing time greatly.

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The CFO of a business needs an enterprise level view of key financial and metrics and performance ratios. Cognos Controller delivers a full range of financial and management reports.

Key Benefits:

  • The consolidation process is owned by Finance
    Definition and maintenance of all financial consolidation rules and processes comes from the office of finance.
  • Financial best practices are standard
    Data and calculation errors are eliminated, collection and reconciliation of financial results is accurate.
  • Consolidate locally, consolidate globally.
    Cognos Controller has built in the whole ranges of principles and standards, including including IFRS and U.S. GAAP.

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Financial Performance Analytics

Packaged analysis and reporting for an integrated view of performance

Deploy packaged analytics to accelerate decision making and improve financial performance.

IBM® Cognos® Analytic Applications are packaged business analysis and reporting solutions that provide an integrated view of performance across business functions and departments. The solutions use information drawn from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other data sources.

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Cognos Analytic Applications offer self-service prompts to help business users quickly create reports, add new content and reconfigure reports, reducing the demands on IT personnel.

  • Cognos Customer Performance Sales Analytics: Packaged reporting and analysis for measuring sales productivity and performance.
  • Cognos Financial Performance General Ledger Analytics: Packaged analytic reporting that enables finance departments to measure overall financial performance.
  • Cognos Financial Performance Payables Analytics: Packaged analytic reporting that helps finance departments gain better control over cash flow and vendor relationships.
  • Cognos Financial Performance Receivables Analytics: Packaged analytic reporting that helps finance departments reduce delinquent accounts and bad debts, and improve cash flow.
  • Cognos Supply Chain Performance Procurement Analytics: Packaged reporting and analysis for measuring supply chain spending and supplier performance.
  • Cognos Workforce Performance: Packaged reporting and analysis for hiring, performance evaluation, workforce development, retention and compensation.
  • Cognos Workforce Performance Talent Analytics: A module for Cognos Workforce Performance that provides insight into recruitment, succession planning, training and more.

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Strategy Management and Scorecarding

Business intelligence software with reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecarding capabilities

Align strategy with execution, communicate goals and monitor your performance against targets.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence provides reports, analysis, dashboards and scoreboards to help support the way people think and work when they are trying to understand business performance.

You can freely explore information, analyze key facts and quickly collaborate to align decisions with key stakeholders.

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  • Reports equip users with the information they need to make fact-based decisions.
  • Dashboards help users access, interact and personalize content in a way that supports how they make decisions.
  • Analysis capabilities provide access to information from multiple angles and perspectives so you can view and analyze it to make informed decisions.
  • Collaboration capabilities include communication tools and social networking to fuel the exchange of ideas during the decision-making process.
  • Scorecarding capabilities automate the capture, management and monitoring of business metrics so you can compare them with your strategic and operational objectives.

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