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Business Analytics

We combine expert knowledge and experience with the best enterprise analytics tools out there to give your company's data a boost.

IBM Business Analytics software uniquely enables your organisation to apply analytics to decision-making, anytime, anywhere. Learn how Business Analytics is helping organisations of all sizes drive greater efficiencies, manage costs and identify growth opportunities.

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Financial Performance Management

Free your Finance team!

The IBM Cognos suite can bring an end to spreadsheet hell. Harness its powerful capabilities to drive forward your profits and build enterprise-wide growth. Liberating your office of finance allows your business to focus on analysing insights and making beneficial, profitable decisions in real-time rather than carrying out time consuming, mundane processes.

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FPM solutions bring your business:

  • Inter-linked financial and operational plans, utilising driver-based models.
  • Guaranteed quality and accuracy of financial numbers.
  • Timely, sustainable compliance.
  • Performance tracking, benchmarking and measuring strategic KPIs.
  • Scenario modelling, and instant, highly detailed “what-if” capabilities.
  • Flexible, instantaneous, rolling forecasts, based on real-time data.
  • Continuous planning however you like - daily, weekly, monthly – not rigid, instantly dated budgets.

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IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express delivers enterprise class reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning and budgeting & forecasting capabilities that workgroups and midsize companies need at a price they can afford.

This scalable, preconfigured solution can help you discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimising demands on your IT staff.

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IBM SoftLayer Cloud

Cloud computing brings what is simultaneously a new and also a long-standing way of delivering software.

IBM SmartCloud and SoftLayer have joined together to bring true hybrid architecture to businesses of all sizes. Deploy Internet-scale environments in minutes, and then easily integrate public and private clouds to virtualised and bare metal servers.

We provide a means of managing your cloud environment; from beginning to end, and making sure you only pay for what you use.

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Plugins for IBM Cognos and SoftLayer

On top of the solid IBM platform, we actively develop and maintain a number of plugins that set our BI solutions apart from the rest. We also use fantastic third party plugins made my our partners to really help you achieve more.

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Software as a Service

Supercharge your innovation with enterprise software as a service

You’ve heard it all before. The pace of change continues to accelerate. Competition is fiercer than ever. You must innovate fast to remain a leader, or the competition will eat your lunch.

Accelerate your innovation with over 100 best-in-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and business process-as-a-service (BPaaS) capabilities, all delivered with the enterprise-grade security, availability and elasticity you expect from IBM.

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IBM Software as a Service gives you the freedom to:

  • Accelerate business process innovation.
  • Deliver business analytics at point of impact.
  • Connect people with collaborative business networks

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Bespoke Cognos Mashup, Java and Web Development

Reliable and supported development for businesses of any size.

Uniquely, this enables us to provide supplementary bespoke software development services alongside, on top of and in conjunction with our bespoke Business Analytics and Cloud capabilities.

On-top of Java and various web programming languages, our developers make use of the IBM Cognos Mashup Service, a secure and tested method allowing third party applications to utilise reports and more, to provide more interactive uses of your Business Analytics. The possibilities are endless, our most popular offering being our customised, company branded portals.

If you're interested in making use of our service, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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