About Assimil8 Support

Solving problems, one server at a time.

Things will go wrong. It's a fact. And whilst you can't always anticipate a problem, you can get the insurance you need when something does break.

We can provide support services not just on top of our solutions, but also on solutions not provided by us, giving you the peace of mind that when all hell breaks loose, there's a team of highly trained monkeys looking after the system.

For direct information regarding Support, call us on +44(0) 845 812 0138, or drop us an email.

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IBM Cognos Support

We support all versions of Cognos, even if they are unofficially supported by IBM.

Looking after all technical aspects of the system (including infrastructure and backups), you can rest assured that your Business Analytics or Financial Planning solution will be up and running and healthy for as long as is possible.

Crucially, you don't need to be an existing customer to receive our premium support! As long as you have IBM Cognos installed, we can help you.

Support Your Cognos!

IBM SoftLayer Cloud Support

Let us take care of the rainy days

SoftLayer Cloud is great; it gives you the freedom to innovate faster and build your business effortlessly. But as with everything, it's not immortal.

Let us take care of the support, from managing backups to fixing technical issues, so you can keep on working.

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