Along side many of the solutions we provide, we also offer a number of useful services to help you and your business.


Free Product Demonstration

No risk, no commitment, just one-to-one demonstrations.

At Assimil8, we know how important it is to get to know a product and see what it can do first hand before investing in it. That's why we offer a free demonstration of any of the products we provide, at a time to suit you.

We also regularly hold complimentary webinars where we focus on a particlar product. Why not take a look and see if they can be of any help.

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Here to help

Aside from providing Business Analytics, Cloud and Financial Planning solutions, we also provide a means of implementing and maintaining your new system with consultation services from Assimil8.

We provide consultancy for a number of situations:

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The key to any solution in a business is end user adoption, without this any developed solution will soon lose any value proposition.

Training is critical to end user adoption, and as a result we offer a range of training services to suit a broad spectrum of client requirements and budgets to ensure existing or new solutions are given the best opportunity to add value within organisations and reap the anticipated rewards with a high level of user utilisation and adoption.

We can deliver training in a variety of approaches to suit our client’s preference, on large or small scale requests across the whole IBM Business Analytics portfolio.

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Training we offer includes:

  • On-Site Instructor Lead.
  • At Assimil8 Facilities.
  • Favourable terms on booking IBM Public Scheduled Courses.
  • Bespoke courses.
  • On-Line courses.
  • Annual Training Strategies & Plans.
  • Modular Training (Including Upgrades and Migration)

Our trainers come with decades of experience delivering training both at and for IBM Cognos and independently. In attending an Assimil8 course you are assured of being in a safe, patient and knowledgeable pair of hands to coach you through your learning experience.

Whatever your role in your organisation using the IBM Business Analytics products we feel there will be skills and a training package Assimil8 can provide you with to maximise your potential.

Please get in touch with one of our advisers for more information.

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Your life-line when things go wrong

Things will go wrong. It's a fact. And whilst you can't always anticipate a problem, you can get the insurance you need when something does break.

We can provide support services not just on top of our solutions, but also on solutions not provided by us, giving you the peace of mind that when all hell breaks loose, there's a team of highly trained monkeys looking after the system.

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