Slash analytics admin and take back control of your BI: Your invite to an exclusive WebEx - 22nd November, 11:00-11:30

About this webinar

November 2017


11:00 BST

Start: Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017 11:00:00 BST
End: Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017 11:30:00 BST

Cognos Administration, MotioCI, Motio

IBM Cognos users: are you really in control of your BI?

  • Your BI environment has grown - and it’s almost impossible to keep track of “who’s changing what”.
  • You fear that the quality of data and reports is suffering.
  • You want to decentralise - without compromising on security, standards and overall control.
  • From attempting to recover deleted reports, through to root cause identification of errors - it feels like you are drowning in admin.
  • Your administration resources are consumed every hour, promoting content across development, UAT and live environments.

The answer: introducing Motio.

  • Automated continuous testing and version control of your Cognos environment.
  • Stay in complete control of when and what content to deploy.
  • Simple, reliable traceability: “eyes on the ground” - even in decentralised environments.

Capture the Who, What, When and Why…

  • Slash the time taken to recover a deleted report from 4-8 hours to a matter of seconds
  • Identify the root causes of errors in minutes

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