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July 2017 

IBM Vision 2017: a peek into the future

Last month, data analysts gathered in Orlando for a glimpse at what the future holds. So what can we expect in the world of business intelligence? As this summary explains, better visualization, smart data discovery and enhanced user experience are all on the cards.

Struggling with a BI integration headache? Get a personalised demo on how to solve it…

BI estates can be complicated: you know it, we know it too. From Tableau to Cognos, Spotfire to Business Objects, it’s not unusual to have multiple tools in place in one organisation. So if you need to integrate multiple BI tools, Theia offers the answer.  
Want to see how it works in real life? Just tell us which tools you need to integrate and you can get a personalised demo to show you how it’s done…

Video blog: how to make the “use case” for Data Analytics

Adopting the right analytics solution isn’t about jumping on the latest tech bandwagon just for the sake of it. Here, video blogger, Stefan Groschupf outlines the three things to focus on when choosing your next solution.

View the video here.

GDPR: what does it mean for data analytics? 

There's less than a year to go until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law. So where does this leave your data analytics strategy? Are you identifying, mapping and securing personal data in the right way? Check out our blog for advice on making your data strategy compliance-friendly. 

Read our latest blog post here.

AI and the tech giants: what’s happening?

The latest round of developer conferences highlight that Google, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are all adding AI capabilities onto their software stacks. So what does this mean for businesses? Peter Sayer at IDG takes a look at the landscape…

How AI is helping tennis fans decide what makes a great Wimbledon champion

Is there a way of reasoning through the millions of words written about Wimbledon since 1995 that can offer new ways to think about Champions and how they do it? IBM thinks so, thanks to an AI project to see what makes great players.